ItemPrivate FeeAged PensionerMedicare RebatePrivate Patient OOPPension Patient OOPConsult time
Spot Check- Item 23 (Level B)$95$55$38.20$56.80$16.80<20 mins
Standard Appt-Item 23 (Level B)$135$80$38.20$96.80$41.80<20 mins
Long Appt- Item 36 (Level C)$170$115$73.95$96.05$41.05>20 mins
Long Appt- Item 44 (Level D)$190$150$108.85$81.15$41.15At least 40 mins
After Hours-Item 23$170$170$38.20$131.80$131.80As above
After Hours-Item 36$200$200$73.95$126.05$126.05As above


Note: Medicare does not increase the 'evening' rebate until 8.00pm.

Payment methods accepted: Cash, Eftpos, Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard). Please note we do not accept American Express.

For more information please ask Reception.

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If you believe you have a suspicious mole that requires evaluation from a Doctor, contact us. 

Appointments are available Monday to Friday, however you must book ahead.

The average appointment may take up to 15 minutes. This will vary for new patients.