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Additional Services

Australian Skin Cancer Clinics also provide additional services to their patients for the removal or treatment of other minor skin lesions.  Most people will have some type of lesion such as Skin Tags, Age Spots or Moles, which they would prefer they didn't have.  These can be easily treated or removed through various procedures.

For more information, please follow this link to understand how these treatments work.   You can contact your nearest clinic to make an appointment with a doctor who will decide which of these treatments are right for you.



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Get your Skin Summer Ready!

Before we head into summer and spend more time in the sun, it’s important you get a skin check! Getting a skin check as we come out of winter means your skin will be less traumatised which makes it easier for you and your doctor to spot new or changing lesions. It also creates an excellent baseline for comparisons after summer.

A pre-summer skin check means you can go into summer with the confidence that your skin is healthy. Get your skin summer-ready and book a skin check today!

Book a skin check at your nearest ASCC clinic